All lash applications are custom-tailored for each client, sort of like fashion couturiers who work in ateliers creating haute couture (in this case, it’s for lashes, not fashion).

The ready-to-wear lash extensions, which are pre-made fans and clusters, are common and lowest price point. The products used in these services frequently are purchased from “private label” sellers.

Sellers of the private label purchase their products from Alibaba or AliExpress then adhere their brand label to the product. They have zero quality control over anything except for their branding. The formulation and/or raw materials can change at any time, usually due to price increases, without notification. Most insurance companies will not insure products sold as private-label. One has to ask, will the insurance cover injuries resulting from the use of private label products?

My custom lash tailoring gives the eyes a more refined appearance over the ready-to-wear lashes, which is why there are usually no noticeable gaps as the lashes begin to shed. The quality of the products used in my studio is exclusively Xtreme Lashes; their products are unequaled by any other lash brand on the market today.

My esthetic evolved during the eleven months spent apprenticing to learn the application technique designed to protect eyelash health. Lash extensions are the only services performed; I am a master of my tailored esthetic, not a jack of all styles and services.

Therefore, my clients regularly receive compliments (from men and women) on their eyelashes’; the people giving the compliments are always shocked to learn the eyelashes are lash extensions -that isā€¦ if the client tells them they are wearing lash extensions!

Leave them guessing! XO Patrice

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