If you seek lashes to enhance your eyes -yet still look natural, you found the right place. 

No, lash extensions, when done correctly, will not damage your eyelashes. The most important part of preserving healthy lashes, follicles, and eye margin begins with a clean application.

How can I say lash extensions do not damage the lashes? 
The first ten months of my career were spent training under an expert who opened one of the first lash studios in the US in 2002. She developed methods of application preserving the health of her client’s lashes. 

I observed and worked on some of her clients who still had healthy lashes after ten years of wearing lash extensions; likewise, my clients are still wearing lash extensions without issues. 

What sets me apart? 
I am notthe jack of all trades master of none.

How can I say “expert”?
The reason I can say expert is I have worked sixteen-hour days six to seven days per week for the first five years of my lash career, only performing lash service to perfect my skills. 
The dedication has enabled me to perform thousands of lash applications over the years. 

Many of my current clients have been with me since my business opened here in Arizona, January 21, 2014. 

What lash products do I use, and why? 
I only use professional-grade lash products from Xtreme Lashes. If you are not familiar with Xtreme Lashes, the way it was described to me years ago is Xtreme Lashes is the Gucci of the lash industry, and the others, well, they are not. 

Xtreme Lashes only uses the highest-grade quality raw materials in their products; their products are not private labeled, which means they maintain control over the raw materials used. 

If Xtreme Lashes products are so great, why don’t other stylists use them? 
To get access to purchase Xtreme’s professional products requires a substantial financial investment and passing multiple tests upfront. 

I have been in Xtreme’s workshops where students failed the test. To attend the workshop was over two-thousand dollars. To retake the test, the student has to pay the full price all over again. Another reason is their professional lash line is amongst the most expensive in the industry. 

Do you need a hypoallergenic option? 
I have hypoallergenic options available at all times. Xtreme Lashes Flex-Fusion purple adhesive formulated with medical-grade cyanoacrylate and medical-grade purple dye and made in the USA. 

There is an option for hypoallergenic silicone under eye pads for sensitivity to the other under-eye patches. 

In conclusion
If you seek mega lashes, there is another stylist in my building I am happy to refer you to who does excellent work. If your esthetic preference is more of a natural look, I’m the one for you. Beware, my clients, regularly receive a lot of compliments.  

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