• Adhesives and other lash service products are purchased from distributors who buy their products from “private-label” manufacturers.
  • Use tape around the eyes rather than under-eye pads designed. 
    • There are two issues with using tape: 
      • Tape adhesive isn’t chemically formulated for use around the eyes.
      • The tape has a sharp edge that can lacerate your cornea.


Private-label products wreak havoc in the lash industry, ruining a lash professional’s career due to products causing allergic reactions even though the lash stylist did not make any changes to their product line. Purchasing private labeling products can be like playing Russian Roulette since the manufacturers are not required to notify the buyers of any changes.

The buyers of private-labeling only have control over their label on the bottle. Years ago, I was unknowingly purchasing products from private-labelers then wondering why all of a sudden there were retention issues and allergy issues. So, I am speaking from experience, not hearsay or something read in a blog.

Private-labeling offers a lower price point; however, there are issues with private-labeling stylists are not aware of:

  • Raw-material changes
  • Formulate using lower quality raw materials
  • Formulation ratio changes

p.s. Most insurance companies will not underwrite product liability insurance on private-label or after-care products made by the lash stylist.


In 2016, I invested thousands into becoming certified with Xtreme Lashes® -to get access to purchase the most prestigious professional-grade lash products on the market. I didn’t need their two-day training as my training was eleven months under the supervision of someone in the industry -longer than Xtreme Lashes® has been in business.

Xtreme Lashes® products are at a higher price point due to the high-quality raw materials used to formulate their products. Since they direct manufacture their products, the manufacturer cannot make any changes without approval. It is extremely rare for a client to have an allergic reaction from Xtreme Lashes® adhesives or any other of their extensive line of professional and aftercare products. Xtreme Lashes® is Chanel® of the lash industry.