Dander from your furry friends may cause eye irritation resulting in premature extension loss without you realizing it.

A client began volunteering at a dog rescue, suddenly she had retention issues -essentially she had hardly any extensions left every two weeks for nearly a year. She was adament the animals where not causing issues with retention. Well, after she was no longer around the dogs -just like that, the retention issues resolved. It’s been two years and she hasn’t had retention issues!

Those with indoor cats, will definitely want to clean their eyelashes regularly to clear away the dander off the extensions.


The paragraph below is copy and pasted from Allergy Insider website

While cat allergens are present in the animal’s saliva, urine, and dander, they can become airborne and linger suspended in air for long periods.1,3 Plus, they can end up in myriad environments including those with or without cats, such as schools, day-care centers, households, and transportation facilities.1 These allergens also can cling to many surfaces, such as bedding, clothing, and upholstered furniture, making them ubiquitous.1,7 And unfortunately, cat allergens can cause year-round symptoms and may remain in an environment for months without degrading.


Cleansing lashes regularly with Xtreme Lashes cleanser to remove the allergens from animals, at the same time keep the adhesive from dehydrating. Once the cyanoacrylates in the adhesive dehydrates from using cleansers with alcohol, sulfates, glycols, etc. When cyanoacrylates dehydrate it comes dry and brittle causing premature extension loss. Once dehydrated, cyanoacrylates will not rehydrate.

The proper cleanser will clean the lashes, remove bacteria and keep the adhesive moist.