Beauty services are an excellent way to filter prospective dates…

Say, “lash extensions,” their knee-jerk response tells you everything you need to know about how they view self-maintenance, and they are giving you a glimpse into your future with him.

Some love their spouse’s lashes; others view self-care as a waste of money. If self-care is part of who you are, filter out those who force you to choose. Dating can lead to marriage. Marriage -and well, it can be a living hell for those not on the same page with beauty.

I had a client in 2015 who had to sneak lash extensions, and she asked me to use my personal microdermabrasion machine (I don’t do skin work on clients) on her so her husband wouldn’t find out. He thought she was getting conditioning treatment services from her hair stylist in my building.

While apprenticing in 2013, my colleagues and their clients could be overheard talking. It was shocking to me to hear how difficult it was for some of these women to take money to buy cosmetics, fragrance let alone go to the nail salon or lash salon.

I’ve never personally experienced this, however, this is an important topic that needs to be brought to light. Sure the craziness is funny on the surface, this is no laughing matter in the end. It’s best to address this mindset since it’s easy to get so wrapped up in a new relationship we begin compromising areas of our lives that are the foundation of who we are.

Then just like that, the spouse ends the relationship because we are no longer the person we were when they met us. It’s who they are who remolded us into a version they no longer want. Funny, they pursue what they want, then seek to dismantle it piece by piece.

Keep your super power -that is what makes you, you. Never give it up. Prince Charming is usually a toad in disguise.