They tell us, you don’t need lashes. You are naturally beautiful. Ok, well, do they really know what we hide? Probably not. So, let me ask you this, how do you spend your mornings while traveling?:

  • Move a lamp closer to where you set up your hair and makeup station?
  • Set up your hair and makeup stations near a window?
  • Acquiesce applying makeup and mascara in front of the mirror in poorly lit hotel rooms, Airbnb, or someone else’s guest bedroom or bathroom?
  • Take a selfie, then sit in the rental car looking at yourself in the rearview mirror or mirror in the sun visor?

What would you rather spend your time doing? Swimming, golfing, spa, napping, lunching, taking your kids out to play?

Fun times! Cringe-worthy selfies you deleted… only come back to haunt you as you discover your family or colleagues also took the same picture and posted it to social media, tagging you for all to see.


My lash stylist was away on a family emergency for three weeks and didn’t get back in time to fill my lashes before Think Media’s conference in Vegas the week of May 23, 2022.

It wasn’t Halloween, and the remaining lashes reminded me of a Jack O’Lantern’s, so I removed them and went to Target to buy several different sets of strip lashes -thinking no big deal. Right? Wrong! The strips weren’t anything like they were in 2005; needless to say, non of them worked out well -let’s do mascara!

Yup, “they” are wrong…lash strips and mascara were a waste of time and money, lash extensions are worth the money.