This client said she hovered her bbq while preparing for a party.

Something similar happened to a client who decided to blow dry her lashes after showering. Another client worked as a beer girl at the local golf course during the summer months, it gets up to 117 here in the summer if not hotter. The eye exposed to the sun while driving (sunglasses on, sun was over the top of her), the tips of the lash extensions melted. Even this summer, I spent all my days off in the pool, there were days when it was 118+. When I say all day, I literally mean 10am until 5pm! The adhesive dried out becoming brittle and I noticed the tips on some of my lash extensions started to singe.

How to correct this?

The singed extensions have to be removed. For being singed, you can see how this client who needed a fill, her extensions don’t look bulked or twisted -the work is clean.