Lash damage is the result of poor application. When lash extensions are applied correctly, you will NEVER need to take a break from wearing them “to allow your lashes to rest,” except for when there are medical conditions causing eyelash loss. 

The reason for my speaking confidently about most clients never needing a break is based on eight years of full-time lash application experience and one-on-one training from one of the founders of the lash extension industry, whose expert technique has been in use since 2002. 


This picture is that of a new client who needed a fill while her stylist was out of town. She had no idea the damage being done. This type of work is completed by:

  • Unskilled stylist
  • Using poor quality products (that liquid is not mascara or eyeliner).
  • Multiple eyelashes are glued to clumps of lash extensions.
  • Cheap

After removing the lashes, this client noticed her eyes instantly stopped burning. She said they burned every day since she started wearing lash extensions. The lashes looked great when her eyes were open; they were full and bushy. She had no idea the damage being done to her eyelashes.

She continues to be a client. She tells me her eyes still haven’t burned, and she doesn’t feel tugging or pulling. The tugging and pulling were from the faster-growing lashes pulling out the slower-growing lashes.

Lash extensions are a luxury service and need to be treated as such to preserve the health of the eyes. This type of bad work results in follicle damage which means over time, the eyelashes will stop growing back, just like over-plucked eyebrows from the ’90s.

Imagine if this beauty provider also provides skin care and offers chemical peels!