It’s been embarrassing to associate myself with lash extensions!

Why, you ask? The typical responses from the public, “My friend had her lashes done once, and her eyes swelled shut,” or “I had my lashes done once and they all fell out.”

Well, gee maybe try not getting lashes at your nail salon who purchased their cyanoacrylate adhesive overseas. Remember the images of barges lined up all over the west coast waiting for weeks sometimes months to get into port to unload?

Did you know, to keep cyanoacrylate adhesive from spoiling in-transit they are refreshed with toxic ingredients such as Benzene or Chloroform? Hmmm, maybe this is the cause of some anaphylaxis reactions with eyes swelling shut?

Oh yeah, then there are those smoking deals on Groupon for a full set of lashes for $50, “I’m getting champagne and caviar on a happy hour beer budget.”

Groupon takes advantage of everyone in the service industry and they have conditioned consumer mindset to expect to receive forever “Champagne and Caviar on a happy hour beer budget!” Did you know Groupon requires the service provider cut their regular service rate by 50% plus a little extra to make Groupon happy. Groupon keeps 55% of the $50 you paid Groupon.

The stylist probably spent 2 hours to complete your full set. That means the stylist receives about $22.50 for 2 hours of work, then have the boldness to ask, “Can my friends and family get this discount forever?” Oh, and if that stylist works for someone, they may have a 50/50 split which means that stylist may have worked for 2 hours to receive $11.25.

It’s common for the Groupon customer to tip the stylist on the Groupon amount, not the retail amount if they even tip at all! Oh, then another person Googling the service provider, finds this person once had a Groupon, now they want to be grandfathered into the Groupon rate that is no longer available.

A new hair stylist or lash stylist taking the step out into the unknown to build a business has paid thousands to start up plus pays monthly on overhead to maintain stock of lash extensions in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths, curls, styles, adhesive, primer, under-eye pads, adhesive trays, half a doze sets of tweezers at all times in case of ruining from dropping, disinfectants, pillow covers, table covers, blankets, and laundry if they use linens, other hygienic care supplies, licensing, insurance, studio space, payment processing, website and social media software, and the list goes on and on. Can they pay their overhead and feed their children on the $22.50 Groupon paid them?

Let’s further break this down, the stylist has to work 200 hours in one month to earn $2,250 (work week is 40 hours so that means they have to work an additional 10 hours/week) . BTW, Groupon doesn’t pay them the entire $22.50, part of it is held back in case a customer complains.

The beauty industry in general needs a makeover and that includes the lash industry. How an this happen? Starts with the established stylists mentoring new people entering this industry. Then once the person has established themselves and attained expertise in their esthetic they can provide advanced skills training to others. Clients will respond with choosing quality over a coupon.

Mentoring provides what schools cannot, the mentee learns more advanced skills sets, skills enables them to provide better service, the mentee finds what makes them unique and their uniqueness is sought by clients rather than spending years on a wild goose chase.

I spent nearly 5-years writing, researching, editing, recording, video editing then assembling the online course for what has become Lash Intensive®. Lash Intensive® is me sharing aspiring lash stylists with the knowledge I wish I had when I first entered this profession. Though my mentor taught me the basics of the proper lash application, the rest was working long hours and immersing myself in learning what is not taught in school, certifications or workshops.

This lash mentoring is for all whether they are licensed or taking steps to become licensed. Some places don’t require licensing. I’m not a school and never will be. There are people out there performing lash services without knowledge and they are hurting their clients.

All I care about is sharing all that I’ve learned to do my part in helping these stylists do good work, hurt no one and create businesses they love and have the foundation where they cannot be manipulated by predatory employers or consumers.


Workshops are essential for experienced lash stylists to learn new techniques to advance their skills; however, workshops are not suitable for those who are not experienced. There is always something to be learned from others, and we should always seek to learn.


Many lash trainings are actually two-day workshops. The students work on two models -that is, if the models show up! Two days/two models is not sufficient time to train anyone with no lash application experience. How can anyone retain anything they learn when they feel as if they are trying to take a drink from a fire hose?


Professional lash companies such as Xtreme Lashes® and Novalash® have protocols for their product line and created tools for their products.

Many who sell “private label” also sell training courses. These courses offering additional skills for the lash styling you desire to learn and offer are worth the investment.

Always seek to learn!


This is mentoring, not school. If you are performing the lash services outside the law, I recommend you take action to operate within the law. However, since many people operate outside the law, not being licensed will not prohibit any from participating in mentoring.

Since we are working around the mucous membrane, we must know about health and safety to protect the clients and you. If you need licensing, again—this is not a school and will not meet the requirements in your location if they require licensing.


Most people are busy with family and responsibilities and do not have the time to concentrate on writing a comprehensive mentorship such as Lash Intensive®. While reading through the content for the videos, I’m completely blown away by all that I have to share -and I wrote it!

Lash Intensive® mentees will learn how to adhere lash extensions with precision so they will not damage their clients’ eyelashes. Mentees will develop their lash style, not be sheep who mindlessly memorize templates and regurgitate jargon that has no substantive value to creating a loyal clientele or building a successful business.

Lash Intensive® is not a lash product supplier and will never be; the only focus is mentoring …leave the lash supplies to the professional manufacturers. Each mentee will research lash suppliers to make an educated decision when choosing the company that will best support their aesthetic and their business vision -that is, if they choose to have their own business.

Clients deserve to receive a service that puts a smile on their faces every time they look in the mirror without compromising their lash health. We all need mentors to guide us to the next level of personal and professional success we desire.

Lash Intensive® is a foundation; it’s the starting place for aspiring and established lash stylists. When the foundation is built, mentees will be ready to enroll in the two-day workshops teaching more advanced technical skills for the aesthetic they wish to work within. It is difficult for instructors of these workshops who realize most students don’t know the fundamentals, thus diverting the instructor’s time away from teaching the skills the workshop was designed to teach.

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