All the extensions used are a combination of Xtreme Lashes Bold and Omni Volume faux mink extensions. Many people are calling their “clusters” individuals, sure technically, they are “individual clusters.” Mega volume using clusters can be completed quickly. True individual lash extensions take more time to apply. Xtreme Lashes products are expensive due to the high quality of the ingredients in their products and Xtreme Lashes does not manufacture and sell individual clusters.


A minimum of 2.5 hours is needed to complete a full set of lash extensions for most clients. Those who prefer maximum fullness will need to schedule a 3-hour appointment.

Custom tailored 2.5 hour application: $250.00

Custom tailored 3 hour application: $300.00


Fills consist of removing extensions with popped bases or overgrown prior to infilling with new lash extensions.

Fill: 1 hour: $80.00

Fill: 1.5 hours: $100.00

Fill: 2 hours: $125.00

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