Lash Intensive is a one-of-a-kind curriculum that has taken me nearly three-years to write.

The lash industry has a bad reputation due to the lack of mentorship opportunities for aspiring lash artists. Quite honestly, when asked about my profession, my response is usually, “I’m an Aesthetician.” The reason why is I take pride in my craft, and it’s embarrassing to hear responses back from people like, “my friend had her lashes done once, and her eyes swelled shut,” or “I saw someone on TV who lost all their eyelashes.”

Most lash training courses are two-days to work on two models -that is, if the model shows up. Two days is not sufficient to train anyone without working experience, let alone obtain the knowledge gained from experience to open a studio for those aspiring to have their own business.


Workshops are essential for experienced lash stylists to learn new techniques to advance their skills; however, workshops are not suitable for those without lash experience.


Most lash certification courses are offered by companies selling lash products. All lash suppliers have protocols for their products; lash students need to learn the protocols for products they will be using. The lash supplier will test the student at the end of the course to ensure they meet their requirements.

The certification courses are usually just two days, and if the student is lucky, they will work on two models, that is, if the model shows up.


The objective is to change the lash industry’s reputation, one student at a time, by teaching them to be independent thinkers equipped to troubleshoot issues as learning opportunities for both themselves and their clients.

Lash Intensive® students will develop their own esthetic, they will not be sheep memorizing templates and regurgitating jargon that has no substantive value. The knowledge they will gain will make them lash professionals their clients can trust.

… launching September 2021

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