The lash industry has a bad reputation due to the lack of mentorship opportunities for aspiring lash artists. When asked about my profession, my response is usually, “I’m an Aesthetician,” and I NEVER carry business cards or allow friends to step in to tell people my specialty.

It’s embarrassing to associate myself with lash extensions. Why? The typical response is, “My friend had her lashes done once, and her eyes swelled shut,” or “I saw someone who lost all their eyelashes on TV.”

Most lash trainings offered today are two-day workshops. The students work on two models -that is, if the models show up. Two days is not a sufficient amount of time to train anyone with no lash application experience.

It takes time to learn the fundamentals of proper application.


Workshops are essential for experienced lash stylists to learn new techniques to advance their skills; however, workshops are not suitable for those who are not experienced. There is always something to be learned from others, and we should always seek to learn.


Professional lash companies such as Xtreme Lashes® have protocols for their product line and tools uniquely created for their products.

Professional-grade products are an absolute must and are different from those selling “private label” products. Those who sell “private label” also sell training courses; they have no control over raw materials or formulation changes. The lack of quality control over “private labels” adhesive is the leading cause of sudden allergic reactions.


My objective is to change the lash industry’s reputation, one student at a time, by teaching them to be independent thinkers equipped to approach issues as learning opportunities to troubleshoot and then share their discoveries openly with their peers.

Most people are busy with family and responsibilities and do not have the time to create a comprehensive training such as Lash Intensive®. I am fortunate to have had three years to focus on writing this curriculum with no distractions.

Lash Intensive® students will learn how to apply lash extensions with precision so they will not damage their clients’ eyelashes. Students will develop their lash style, and they will not be sheep memorizing templates and regurgitating jargon that has no substantive value to creating a loyal clientele.

Lash Intensive® is not a lash product supplier; the only focus is training …leave the lash supplies to the professional manufacturers. Each student will research to make an educated decision to decide which lash supplier will support their esthetic.

Students’ knowledge from this course will make them lash professionals with loyal clientele.

… coming soon!